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Skills and Enablement Centre

Skills & Enablement Centre

Our Skills & Enablement service offers supervised skills training to day-patients, who reside in a property of their own but lack certain living skills.

This includes therapy sessions and organised day trips, aimed at improving life skills and reducing feelings of social isolation. Sessions are led by experienced mental health professionals and instil the confidence and self-reliance necessary for a journey to independence.

This service also supports those patients in need of enablement work following lengthy hospital admission, who can access the Skills & Enablement facility as day-patients.

What are people saying
The homely yet supportive environment at Chilwell House allows for clients to learn to be considerate of others and respectful of others within the home environment.
It is reassuring to find a rehabilitation enterprise that has a ‘moving on’ focus rather than a stagnant and outdated way of providing only a care home facility. In my experience staff at Chilwell House are proactive with their plan of care and work in the best interests of their residents. This facility is an ideal stepping stone for people wanting to reintegrate into the local community.