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Our Services:
Mental Health Consultancy

Consultancy on all matters arising from mental health

At Aspire, we also offer a range of private and professional consultancy services, including:

Psychiatric consultation, assessment and treatment for individual patients
Medico-legal services - expert psychiatric assessment and reports for criminal cases, insurers and CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority)

What are people saying
The staff at Chilwell House are passionate about their work, helping clients on the road to recovery. As parents, we consider ourselves very lucky that our daughter has been given this chance to regain her life back, thanks to the valuable support the team have given her.
I have had the opportunity to work alongside Chilwell house rehabilitation unit in my role as lead nurse within the Early Intervention team. The team supported a careplan to allow for one of my clients to discharge from hospital after a lengthy admission. Over time they made efforts to not only support the transfer but also to set and review moving on goals. This enabled my client to shift from being somewhat inactive and lacking any plan or structure to his day to having positive thoughts about moving on with his life.