As we reach the end of this year’s MHAW, it’s fair to say that we should all be proud of how far attitudes towards mental health have changed. From supporting marginalised groups, to challenging stereotypes, to telling stories that may otherwise never have been heard – the way we regard mental health has shifted dramatically in the last decade.

However, that isn’t to say that there isn’t still a long way to go. One of the central campaigns of MHAW 15 was ‘Switch on the Light’, which aims to get men to open up about their challenges and emotions.  That so many men still feel unable to express that they are struggling is a worrying indictment of a society that still isn’t quite accepting that mental health issues are not weakness.

One of the most inspiring stories to circulate this week is the conclusion of the #FindMike campaign which was months in the making. Not only does the story itself – a stranger saving the life of a suicidal man – promote the heroism of everyday people, but the stranger, Neil Laybourne, is now working with Rethink on his own awareness campaign, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

What we at Aspire take from this week is that the world is changing for the better. It is inspiring to watch the support and acceptance demonstrated online and in public for a sector of society who have so often been kept in the shade. The younger generation have a passion for tolerance, and it’s fantastic to see, especially when you remember a time when that wasn’t so.

We look forward to seeing how far the world has come by MHAW 2016, and will be following the above campaigns and others closely as they reach fruition and start changing perceptions.